I’m Chris Morris, a creative professional with a deep passion for art and design. Hailing from California, I was captivated by the unique mix of art, architecture and design of LA. The blend of elegance and grit in my hometown continues to inspire my work.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work on a variety of incredible projects, from leading global teams to teaching about advertising and crafting eye-catching designs to enhance brand visibility. I’m committed to using my creativity to make a real impact and deliver exceptional results.

  • Otis College of Art and Design
  • English, Chinese, Spanish, German
  • Ideation, Team Management, Creative Direction, Project Management, Video Editing, Color Correction
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Suite, Davinci Resolve, Cinema 4D


CHEERS Magazine, vol. 6

As the Art Director and co-editor for this issue, I wanted to give the magazine a facelift. To give it the immediacy of the activities it shares, I focused on reducing word counts, making the layout clearer, and using large, engaging images.


Food for Friends

Tito’s Handmade Vodka’s Food for Friends campaign is part of their ongoing humanitarian efforts. The drive served 500 free meals to unemployed or struging service workers.

While the program is global, the look is local. I used an illustration of the Southeast Asian Diety Rahu as the central element. The strong illustration is paired with a Kbach Khmer pattern. This repeated  element with its luscious orange color scheme makes supporting elements pop!


Live Platinum

BRED Bank needed a set of key visuals to promote their new VIP-focused Platinum banking services, which would effectively communicate the worth of the services to their clients.

As the Art Director for this project, I created a series of photo collages that focused on the bold colors and liminal spaces which were present in BRED’s previous art, but with a more luxurious look.


We're Still a Team

During COVID, ISF Cambodia’s students were hard hit. Already struggling with poverty and lack of access to social services, school closures forced some to quit education and work to help provide for their families. 

However, the NGO was determined to offer as many life lines as possible to keep children engaged in education. ISF  staff set up online coaching sessions with these vulnerable youth to show them that they had a support system and someone always rooting for their success.

Impact Report

As part of our work at ISF Cambodia, we had to report our successes and challenges to our donors. However, these reports were often dull and filled with statistics, leaving the true human impact of our NGO’s work uncommunicated.

My objective was to change that. I transformed our Impact reports by incorporating engaging design, case studies that vividly narrate the stories of our beneficiaries, and striking graphics. As a result, our Impact reports became valuable artifacts that our donors cherished and shared with their loved ones.

Social Media

The Phnom Penh-based NGO ISF (Indochina Starfish Foundation) Cambodia helps some of the city’s poorest youth with access to free education, healthcare, and sporting activities.

While working with them I was proud to promote their humanitarian efforts in print and online. I championed their projects by making video and still content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Through my efforts, their viewership grew by 75% and gained hundreds of new followers.

ISF Works Hard, So Children Don't Have To

Working with ISF’s Country Director, we came up with a video and photo campaign that highlighted the efforts that ISF staff make to keep its students out of child labor.

The centerpiece of the campaign was this video which poignantly shows the lives of two children, one an ISF student, the other forced to scavenge for resources to help support her family.


Golden Sorya Ale

As soon as I heard the meaning behind Golden Sorya Ale, it instantly transported me back to the precious moments spent with my friends at those unforgettable beach parties, basked in the golden glow of the sunset. Those unforgettable memories of bonding over beers still shimmer in my mind, and I was determined to capture that same feeling in the identity design.

To achieve this goal, I used a text style that resembles the sleek look of curved gold bars, which we aptly named ‘ingot’. This new style exudes confidence, keeping the text minimal and classy, allowing the bold red color of the logo to truly sparkle and shine thanks to the new noisy sparkle texture I crafted.


Tuborg Beer Cambodia Launch

When Tuborg Beer decided to expand globally, my agency at the time took on the challenge with me as the Creative Director. Our mission was to establish Tuborg’s presence on various ATL, TTL, and BTL channels.

To kick things off, we focused on the messaging. With Tuborg’s global tagline being ‘Open For More’ or ‘Open For Fun’, we aimed to make it resonate with Cambodian audiences. After brainstorming and focus testing, we settled on ‘Pop Pliem, Sabay Pliem’ – a catchy phrase that translates to ‘Pop Instantly for Instant Happiness’.

With this slogan as our guide, we set out to create lively visuals and copy that captured the joy of a fantastic night out. Our campaign’s standout piece was a sleek can hero image, which I crafted in-house as a 3D model since there was no existing product imagery for the new form factor.

After the launch, we boosted Tuborg’s visibility with a concert series featuring top talent, bus wraps, in-store endcaps, and a fleet of roving tuk-tuks adorned with Tuborg sleek cans.

30 Second TVC

For Tuborg’s first TV commercial shot in Vietnam with an international crew, I played a key role overseeing the stills shooting and offering insights during filming.

Using imagery from Tuborg international look and feel, the promo focuses on Tubrog Beer’s unique ability to transform any situation from bland to grand.