When I met The Learning Hive’s founders, they had a sketch of a logo, a Facebook page, and not much else. After seeing the passion and determination they injected into their work, I was determined to give them a visual identity that matched their excitement.

I began by reconfiguring the logo. Though it already featured a bee, I redesigned it to make it more streamlined and modern while giving it a pencil tip-like stinger. For the wordmark, I chose a soft, rounded, sans serif font that had a friendly appeal. Playing with the ‘a’ in Leaning and the ‘v’ in Hive to give them an arrow-like appearance was just the flourish I needed. Against the straighter letters, they gave the impression of leaning books in a bookcase. Stacked on top of each other and repeated, they became an abstracted hive-like pattern. Perfect!

They wanted colorful, so I went colorful. I selected bright, energetic, and playful colors that were inspired by nature to animate the brand. Then swooping, rounded elements were added to invigorate the geometric ‘hive’ pattern that is the backbone of the brand identity.