When I heard Vego Salad Bar wanted a site I wanted to give them something that exudes the clean and natural feeling of their restaurants. When loading the site, I wanted users to be greeted with full page images of beautiful organic food. User interface elements would use a calming and reassuring white paired with light and dark greens.

As Art Director on their website design project, my main priority was getting the UI to get out of the way.  To achieve this, I placed the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and made the order form an easily accessible flyout menu that the user could open as needed. The order form and checkout menu were given craft paper backgrounds to keep with Vego Salad Bar’s all-natural philosophy.

To improve Infinity Insurance user’s experience, I strove to make all documentation more organized and approachable by using visual cues like icons. And by using containing boxes, I wanted to group related information in a systematic way.

In the end, I delivered and solid brand refresh and a thorough brand book, an infinitely scalable stationery set and a website that delivered large amounts of specialized information in an accessible framework.