When Infinity Insurance came to us, they wanted to redefine their visual identity. While they were busy building a business defined by transparency and rigorous underwriting discipline, they’d neglected to build a unified brand and what brand elements they did have were not being used effectively.

Acting as art director for their rebranding project, I started by redefining Infinity Insurance’s brand colors, which had previously been scattered and inconsistent in usage. The yellow and orange in their logo was softened and the purple changed from a deep indigo to a more approachable amethyst.

This simplification and refinement also carried through to their documentation and website design. My main goal was reducing visual clutter and streamlining information flow. Potential customers can often be overwhelmed by the the large amount of information inherent in insurance writing. 

To improve Infinity Insurance user’s experience, I strove to make all documentation more organized and approachable by using visual cues like icons. And by using containing boxes, I wanted to group related information in a systematic way.

In the end, I delivered and solid brand refresh and a thorough brand book, an infinitely scalable stationery set and a website that delivered large amounts of specialized information in an accessible framework.