Design isn't only making things beautiful

Design is a communication tool

Design illustrates narrative, fashions a journey and manifests vision

Design helps you create and sell your vision

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Tuborg DJ KV image for billboard ads
Tuborg Beer Sleek Can Key Visual
Infinity Insurance ReBranding Project
Vego Salad Bar Website Project
mJams Pleng launch party VIP invite
Top Peak Travel Borneo Website Project


Christopher Bryce Morris - Creative Director

I’m Christopher Bryce Morris, head of Vice design Co. (VDC); an international Creative Director that works with other creative professionals to produce fresh, original graphic design in Cambodia. Vice Design excels at bringing its unique talents to the fore on all projects. From branding to creating dynamic print assets to developing entire marketing campaigns, each project VDC produces is treated as an original work of art, and is executed with the attention and creativity it deserves. Our exceptional designs are driven by the collaborative spirit of our studio that values the evolution of unique and functional spaces through innovation and creativity.

To achieve this, Vice Design takes and active interest in each client project. We believe individual inspiration can only be realized through the power of collaboration. Headed by Christopher Bryce Morris, an American Designer, Vice Design Co. works with a diverse network of creative digital and analog professionals to bring brands to life.  Together, we speak many design languages and represent a full spectrum of possibilities, pioneering the most intelligent and meaningful solutions to our clients.


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Creative Direction

A Creative Director is a mediator, most importantly acting as an interface between clients and the creative team. After a decade working in the creative field on projects in both the private and public sectors for a diverse array clients, I’ve worked with many stakeholders. From fellow designers, on and off-screen talent, end users and developers I’ve developed valuable inter-group communication skills. These skills are key to taking projects from inception to completion.

Design + Illustration

“True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, well, of course.’” – Jonathan Ive

The best design is seamless. Whether bold or subdued, great design fits the needs of a brand coherently. When crafting the look and feel of a client, project or event, all obstacles to the user’s experience should vanish.

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