It's Me

Hi, I'm CHRIS MORRIS. My friends call me VICE.

You can too ...We're friends right?

I grew up a punk rock kid in LA, enthralled by art.

Between concerts, I went to Otis for PAINTING and VIDEO - both influenced my DESIGN style. Now I'm all growed up, a designer but still slightly punky DIY. I want the beautiful chaos of art in design.

Design is my vice, my passion will help your business!

First, we'll speak, perhaps on multiple occasions.

I want to really understand your project and what you want to acheive.

Next, I do all the research on your competitors and strive to make your product unique and memorable.

At this stage, I'll begin making some rough mock ups to show you.

Then I'll present these initial drafts to you for your opinion.

You'll pick your favorite and I'll run with it.

This will most likely be the longest section of our work together.

I'll use all my creative skill to refine your design, periodically sending versions off to you to let you know my progress.

We're home! I've sent you the finalized designs in all the formats you need and you are super-pleased!

I'm hoping we work together again soon!


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