Vice Design is Christopher Bryce Morris, an international art director, graphic designer and illustrator born in Los Angeles, California now living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He's committed to living creativity and bringing his all to any project with an eye for new trends . Having worked with a variety of high-profile clients in the US , Middle East and Asia, Christopher is always on the lookout for new exciting opportunities.

He’s not a technician, he’s a creative problem-solver. He doesn't just perform tasks or blindly follow the lead of previous campaigns, Christopher creates bespoke solutions to your unique visual problems. He believes fortune favors the bold. And that simple, intuitive yet original solutions are the boldest moves of all.

Growing up a punk rock kid in LA, enthralled by art, he wants to bring the elegance and free-form thought of art into design.

Design is his vice, and that passion will help your business.

What Sets Me Apart

Working diligently on my craft and concentrating on creative problem-solving that always highlights user experience ensures that I approach your project with:

  • A solutions-focused framework for approaching design problems
  • A solid overhead view that analyzes your projects pipeline from inception to end user
  • An open mind for input from all stakeholders but keeping mindful of the end goal
Art Direction
Project Managment
Creative Thought/Problem Solving

My Services

Art Direction

An Art Director is a mediator, most importantly acting as an interface between clients and the creative team. After a decade working in the creative field on projects in both the private and public sectors for a diverse array clients, I’ve worked with many stakeholders. From fellow designers, on and off-screen talent, end users and developers I’ve developed valuable intergroup communication skills. These skills are key to taking projects from inception to completion.



“True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, well, of course.'” – Jonathan Ive

The best design is seamless. Whether bold or subdued, great design fits the needs of a brand coherently. When crafting the look and feel of a client, project or event, all obstacles to the user’s experience should vanish.

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Years Working

I’ve Proudly Worked With…

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Latest news


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