Benefits of a one-page website design

1. One-Page Websites are Easy-To-Use

One-Page website design benefit: Scrolling is natural

We live in fast-paced world of content bites and skimming copy.   The best way to reach a connected, diversified client base is by respecting their time and communicating your needs in an intuitive fashion.  And on the web, there’s nothing more intuitive than a scroll.

The act of scrolling is a bedrock of modern user interfaces from websites, to mobile phones, and even electronic documents.  A flick of the finger on a screen or a mouse wheel allows access to a business’ entire message.

2. Content is Focused

Content tree

Multi-page websites are like a sprouting tree.  Each branch-like tab splinters away from the core message.  Since a one-page website is all core, they don’t move off-message.  Visitors to a pageless site are spoken to directly in one voice in one session.

3. They Tell Stories

Web users are aligned to stories.  Facebook timelines, Instagram feeds and Twitter streams are means of communicating a tale.  User are not interested in pitches and taglines, they want to hear your story. Because of their ease of use and focused message, one-page websites deliver that story seamlessly.

A website serves a purpose, the goal  is to get the user to take a specific action.  How does a one-page website do that? By telling a story!   It’s focused, concentrated story gives the viewer a reason to care.  A reason to click.  A reason to buy.

One-Page website design benefit: Storytelling

4. A One-Page Website Looks Great On Any Device

As of October 2016, studies show that the numbers of internet users on desktop and mobile devices are converging.   Visitors of websites are just as likely to be using their iPhone or Galaxy Tab to view a website now.  In the future, the number of device splintering will likely increase.

The journey to online discovery may well start on a smartphone, lead to later exploration on a desktop and end up on a gaming console.  Websites have to look good on all devices for all users.  This is accomplished by utilizing “responsive” design concepts.  Using resizing and placement web rules based on screen-sizes, a one-page website know where to place content so it looks fantastic to all visitors.

Vice Design Co. responsive design

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