What Is Branding?


Branding is often one of the most misunderstood aspects of a branding and identity design package. Which is unfortunate. A solid brand is one of the most important components of a company in communicating effectively with its consumers. The best brands are authentic, communicative, consistent, and conversational. Brands are not one piece of content, or one sentence. They are not the billboards you drive by or the commercials people watch. So what then is a brand?

A Logo Is Not A Brand

A logo is only a part of a branding & identity design packageA logo is usually the most important touch-point for a company. It’s the first thing most potential clients will see when they encounter a company’s marketing materials and product or service listings. Though, it is not a brand in and of itself. It is one of the many components of a brand. It, along with stationery, marketing materials, and copy are the expression and culmination of a brand.

What Is A Brand?

A brand is a feeling. A brand is not a single image, it’s a consensus of what people feel when they hear about a company. It is collaborative, it’s created by a consistent institutional voice and consumers perception of that voice. It does not exist in a vacuum. A brand is an ethos and a way of thinking, it is the most important ideas of a company or organization. It finds expression in imagery. Logo’s convey a brand, as well as marketing materials, font choices, websites and stationery. A brand is the emotional connection an organization has with the world. It cannot be boiled down to only one image.

Then, What Is Branding?

Branding and Identity Design are a collaborative processBranding is defining the voice of an organization. This voice is drafted with several factors in mind. First, the unique selling point of a company and the nature of their product are set. This is the cornerstone of a brand. It is the service that is offered and what makes it special that allow a branding agent to begin crafting the aura of a brand. Then, the target market has to be established. A company must define who they are talking to. Who they want as customers shapes how an organization represents itself, in both text and visuals, in order to attract that group of people. What is important to the target group must be considered as well to ensure the successful deployment of a brand. Taking all these factors into consideration, a company’s positioning can then be determined. Positioning is determining which market niche to fill to differentiate a product or service from that of competitors.

In the end, brand identity design is a collaborative process. It starts with the definition of the essential attributes of a company. Next, those attributes are funneled to an Identity Design agent to be crafted into an effective message that speaks to their target market. The loop is complete when that messaging is deployed and potential customers react to what is presented.

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