The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) was founded in 2011 at the request of members of the Cambodian Parliament and its General Secretariats. It has two mandates: (1) to contribute to the strengthening of the Cambodian Parliament through the capacity development of its members and parliamentary staff; and (2) to share its experiences with others and other parliaments in the region and beyond.


To spread their message and educate potential collaborators, they use a printed brochure.  Though the design of it left some things to be desired.  Speaking to the manager for this project, their complaints were that it appeared too text-heavy and the layout wasn’t visually engaging.  To address their concerns I wanted this redesign to make use of white space to give both word and image room to breathe.

Our page number was limited, which was a challenge for this project.  It had to include three languages (Khmer, French and English), each one with its own justification and spacing concerns.   Retaining the feel of the document for each of these formats was my primary concern.  To achieve my goal, I created a system of text-sizing and layout rules that could apply to all languages and worked with a native Khmer speaker to ensure legibility in that language.


Another issue that PIC had with their previous brochure design was the cover.  They believed it looked to old world and traditional and wanted something a bit more modern.  Though the modernity should be reserved to reflect their status as an agency that works closely with policy makers.  To do this, I used a ribbon effect to create dynamism that contained the document title.  The angles from this motif added energy to the stability of the building image below.