Electronic Peak Festival is an electronic music festival held in the French Alps in partnership on the slopes. Two areas of the Taillefer Centre are turned into an expansive EDM dancefloor during the event for festival-goers to get hot in the snow.

The organizers wanted an evocative, imaginative key visual to announce the event. Their vision for the sprawling 3-day event was a trippy vaporwave carnival in the snow. It was a vision that piqued my excitement for the project.

A mad weekend spent in ideation later, I sent them a slew of preliminary sketches for the poster design. While the compositions were very diverse, they all captured the retro-future aesthetic I believed they were looking for.


They loved them all. Yet after a brief conversation, we were able to settle on a choice. The organizers chose the ski gondola starship zooming over a field of ice popsicle mountains I presented.

The final image was made using a mix of digital painting, collage, and vector elements. I chose a combination of cool blues and magentas to scratch that cyberpunk itch. Extra attention was paid to where the popsicles meet the slopes to keep the image cohesive.