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As Creative Director for Tuborg Beer’s launch in Cambodia, I created a new key visual based on their Cambodian TVC. It was used on web, in print and on billboards throughout the country.


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Tuborg is an international beer brand enjoyed in over 70 countries world wide. The brand is recognized globally for its exceptional quality and refreshing taste. Their Tuborg Green imprint is a bottom-fermented lager brewed on a lager malt. Its flavor is mild and fresh, carrying floral and grain aromas. It’s medium richness closes with a moderately bitter aftertaste.
As Art Director for Tuborg’s launch in Cambodia, one of my tasks was creating two new key visuals (KV). One mimicking their Cambodian television commercial (TVC), and other adapting their global KV for the local market.  While the global KV was being finalized my team in Phnom Penh, I joined on set for the TVC shoot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There I oversaw a photoshoot using the actors featured in the TVC.
 The TVC was directed by notable commercial director Tristan Strange using actors pooled from Vietnam’s best. It’s storyline followed four protagonists transported to an intoxicating club after opening Tuborg beer. Naturally, we wanted to use them for one of the new KVs to create a synergy between print and TV.
Watching the footage taken over the course of the day, the actress playing the DJ showed a real flair. Both I and representatives from Cambrew (Tuborg’s local brewing partner) and Carlsberg (parent company) loved her vibe. We agreed that her natural beauty and charisma would be perfect for a third key visual.
I directed a well-known photographer in the city for my photo session. And after a great shoot with her, I chose one of the more dynamic shots of her winking with a beer to adorn Tuborgs new KV. It featured in magazines and billboards across Cambodia


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