Using a combined twenty years of tourism experience, the owners of Top Peak Travel Borneo offer trips based on clients‘ time and interest’s from 5 star white sand beaches to tough but rewarding treks through the heart of the island.  My goal was to provide them with an enthusiastic and informative site to get visitors as excited about the region as they are.


  • Website Design
  • UX/UI
  • Copywriting



Top Peak Travel Borneo is a boutique travel company aimed at giving adventurous travelers what they want – personalized services and advice for their holiday travels in Malaysian Borneo. They service all the beat attractions if the region. From the heights of mighty Mount Kinabalu through the mysterious jungles of Kiau to Sabah’s beautiful beaches.


I wanted to create a punchy, light-hearted website for such a dynamic and experienced company.   Its vibrant look would be aimed at the younger, adventure hungry clientele that Top Peak Travel Borneo attracts. Using a warmer color palette for the site exudes sunshine and fun. The use of photographic effects on evocative imagery create an irreverent mood.

When choosing photography for the site, I went for images that exuded adventure and wonder. I wanted them all to give viewers a sense of youthful wanderlust. A torn corner element revealing Top Peak Travel Borneo ‘s poppy yellow and text gave pictures rugged-but-fun aesthetic.

Though the site also had to be manageable and scalable as the needs of the business changed over time. To address this issue I employed a flexible customized CMS template. By using a content management system, Top Peak managers and staff were sure to have a workable site that could be easily updated. They would have access to a secure back-end outfitted with a payment system and access to a wide-range of custom plugins that could extend the functionality of their site as needed.


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