CSR is a core value of Thalias Hospitality Group.  Its Corporate Social Responsibility is built on 3 pillars: Waste Management; Social Engagement and Reporting & Integrity.  I was commissioned to create a short 2 minute video showcasing their incredible efforts to improve Cambodia’s environment and people.


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Highlighting Thalias CSR Efforts

The term CSR is gaining popularity as our planet’s fragility becomes more plain. For over 50 years, organizations have used Earth Day—April 22nd—to pledge to protect our planet. Last April, Thalias Hospitality chose to highlight its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. One of the organization’s core values is improving both Cambodia’s people and environment.
Thalias' CSR Strategy follows the UNs Sustainable Development Goals
Thalias runs internal programs following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability, recycling and benefits projects help Cambodia’s environment and protecting its human capital.
Along with showcasing these projects, this video was an entry for a CSR Contest. Presented by EuroCham, it rewards companies that benefit Cambodia’s rich ecosystem. The recognition that winners receive aims to encourage innovative sustainability projects country-wide.

Pre-Production & Planning: What is Thalias CSR?

I began by meeting internal team members to make sure I was knew all aspects of Thalias’ CSR strategy. This went from the CEO and CSR Manager to outlet staff. After spending an informative week learning from them, I was able to begin writing a script.
What surprised me was the variety of projects the organization was spearheading. The challenge wasn’t what to include, but how could I fit so much into the video! Since the video was being used to enter the CSR Contest, a strict 2 minute time limit was in force. Frugal word use as well as tight shot and video edit planning ensured I’d reach our goal.
I used a mix of found, stock and in-house shot footage for this video. Thalias Hospitality vendors were generous in sharing video and some relevant footage was on hand. For everything else I directed the company’s staff videographer in shoots around Phnom Penh. I relied on motion graphics to make abstract ideas come alive during my edit.


Before the videos release, we teasing that something was coming. The lead-up included topical blog articles and a mention in Thalias monthly newsletter. In early April, the video released on all it’s social media channels.  The results were inspiring.  It gained over 17,000 views and 85 shares on Facebook alone. And investment opportunities came in from donors moved by the Hospitality Group’s commitment to people and place.


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