Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) is a non-profit, international development organisation, established in the Netherlands in 1965. They aim to alleviate poverty by enabling increased income and employment opportunities and increasing access to basic services.

SNV ACCS Information Booklet

SNV’s well thought-out results logic and tools allow our advisors and clients to adapt social programs to different market realities. They promotes effective dialogue between the various stakeholders in the value chain to help identify constraints and opportunities. They focus on brokering pro-poor deals between stakeholders and facilitate partnerships between the private sector and government institutions.

SNV ACCS Business Cards

SNV and their partners believe that the time is now for mass roll-out of clean biomass stoves in Southeast Asia. These Eco-friendly products use biomass fuel rather than the dirty charcoal burners in use now. This change in cooking material is proven to improve users health and is much more fuel efficient. As a part of its renewable energy activities in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, SNV is implementing the Advanced Clean Cooking Solutions (ACCS) project to scale up distribution of the most effective clean cookstoves in combination with the most efficient renewable biomass fuels.

Since SNV’s look was already clean and approachable, fitting the new project into their visual framework wouldn’t be an issue.  I started off by making a logo.

After several iterations where a naked flame, green leaves and renewable arrow symbols were tried, the client and I decided we should make the stove itself the star. I made a simplified and stylized illustrated icon based on their flagship model. The HD4012 model was created by energy technology leader Philips and featured a tall sleek metal design. Atop the stove I placed a roaring flame, in reference to the light of a guiding torch and emblematic of the cooking power of the HD4012 unit.

The newly created logo was then set against SNV’s brand blue color. This choice ensured the icon would fit perfectly into the NGO’s visual representation elsewhere. It remains visually striking on the stationery, booklets and pamphlets in the ACCS brand package.

Ultimately I was proud of the outcome of the noble project to provide clean cooking stoves using sustainable and affordable fuel sources to underprivileged families in Cambodia’s provinces.


SNV had a great project on their hands with a lofty goal but to sell it they needed to build it a brand.  The aesthetic for the ACCS project had to fit within SNV’s existing brand and also show plainly the clean and simple nature of the products.  It was a project with an ideology I could get behind so I really wanted to get it right!


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