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Across the Mekong River, away from the bustle of Cambodia’s capital, sits a rustic boutique guesthouse. Red House is a homey unique getaway run by Stéphan and his partner Sreypaou.  Their relaxed escape for Phnom Penh’s residents and visitors offers a slice of tranquil country life.


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10 km away from Phnom Penh, Sreypaou, Sengou and Stéphan offer a rural slice-of-life few are lucky enough to see.  Their guesthouse, Red House, On Silk Island nestles alongside the Mekong river. Its doors open directly onto rich and true Cambodian rural life. Sreypau is the resident chef who creates sumptuous traditional Cambodian soul food for discerning travelers. Stéphan acts as caregiver, interior decorator and arranges tours of the nearby villages and places of cultural interest.
This cozy wooden bed and breakfast allows a maximum only 8 select guests at a time. This limited number ensures visitors have a unique and personal stay. The beds, furniture and even flooring, crafted by local artisans, is sourced from local fruit trees.
To popularize his inn, Stéphan wanted a new website as inviting as his homestay. I was Creative Director to in charge of giving him a simple-yet-beautiful website.  To make the Red House page stand out I worked with two font styles for all headers.  A bold sans serif font paired with an elegant curved script type.  While the script shows the personal nature of Stéphan’s decorations, the sans serif font pointed to the solid and no frills construction of his escape from the city.
No matter how good a site’s framework though, a design is only as good as the content that fills it. Luckily, Stéphan also had a keen eye for photography and supplied amazing photos of his property.  I only had to give the images light tweaks and color grading to make them all fit with the feel of the site.  In the end, Red House’s online presence was a perfect synthesis of clean, functional design paired with fantastic content.


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