“How can farmers bounce back as global crises threaten their livelihood?” is what many organizations are wondering. Even before the pandemic, agricultural growth in Cambodia slowed. Droughts cut yield, and farmers migrated abroad in search of a better income. To reinvigorate food production and help farmers thrive, an intervention will be necessary.

The Rural Employment for COVID-19 Economic Recovery (RECOVER) program has a plan to help.

RECOVER Project Logo Design


RECOVER is an EU-funded project to spearhead inclusive economic recovery in the Tonle Sap region. Its objective is to improve food security, income, and employment opportunities for farmers, fishers, and returning migrants.

Three development NGOs joined forces to enact this monumental project. During which a projected 662,900 residents in the region will benefit. Among those helped will be farmers, fishers, laid-off workers, and migrants returning to Cambodia.

The dynamic coalition will leverage the talents of each organization to aid target groups. Targeted technical and financial support will be used to recover and expand food production.


When crafting the project logo design, I had one goal in mind. I wanted to emphasize the importance of cooperation, labor, and food security.

Because the venture offers direct education and aid, clarity had to show in the brand mark. So I went for a modern, minimalist, and straightforward aesthetic in my layout.

I presented a group of elegant and immediately understandable options. After two rounds of design, the RECOVER team was happy with the final version you see here. Since improving agriculture is at the heart of RECOVER’s activity, a single rice stalk is featured. It juts triumphant and skyward at the logo’s center.

COVID-19 Relief Project Logo Design

Three stylized figures encircle the rice stalk in a supportive embrace. They symbolize the trio of NGOs taking part in this enterprise.

I chose a bold engaging font for RECOVER’s wordmark. Its thick letters appear enduring and solid. While organic curves and slightly shifting letter heights give the word a human, amiable appeal.


RECOVER is a COVID-19 relief project aimed at helping farmers and migrant workers. It was an honor to design this clean, modern mark for their effort to help over 600,00 people hard hit by the pandemic. The project logo design highlights the cooperation between the three NGOs spearheading the venture.


  • Art Direction
  • Identity Design