Kamworks is the number 1 solar energy company in Cambodia. The company was established in 2006 and have since provided solar power to well over 150,000 people.

Founded by experienced Dutch solar engineers, Kamworks has the largest track record with both on-grid as well as off-grid solar energy in the country. Moreover, its products have been exported to Africa, Europe and the Americas. With solar technology rapidly becoming cheaper and with Cambodia’s abundant sunshine, the future looks bright!
Kamworks Identity Design

Working as a Creative Director on their logo redesign project, my first task was finding out their pain points.  I needed to know what they did and did not like their present image.  After some meetings, I found out that they felt the font used in their brand mark was too playful. Kamworks were looking for something more modern and versatile that reminded viewers of the sun in their logo redesign.

They also wanted a logo that payed homage to their international roots but also incorporated some Cambodian elements.

Kamworks final logo redesign

In the design process, I focused on the Khmer (Cambodian language) symbol for “Kam”. By turning its circular element into a sunburst, I give the remainder of the letterform a landscape-like, natural appearance. Being passionate about solar energy myself, I wanted the logo to reflect the cleanliness and efficiency of the Kamworks energy solution in a country where it can make such a difference.


Kamworks were looking to modernize their logo. I changed their font to a more bold and modern sans serif font. Also two versions of the logo was made; one in English and one in Khmer.


  • Identity Design
  • Print Layout


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