ISF Cambodia Impact Report Design

ISF Cambodia is an education and child welfare-focused NGO with two education centers in Phnom Penh. The organization uses a holistic mix of education, healthcare, nutritional support, and access to sport to lift children out of poverty.


To fulfill their commitment to transparency, they release a yearly impact report detailing their achievements and challenges. And coming out of the unprecedented year of 2020, they had plenty to share.

While Cambodia was largely spared from the worst of the pandemic, school closures and restrictions on gatherings forced them to adapt quickly.

Many of the included updates describe the incredible changes ISF made to continue helping children. Many of the youth they support have been excluded from education due to poverty, so the stakes are high.

To tell their compelling story, I adapted the evocative identity refresh I’d made for them to print. ISF (Indochina Starfish Foundation) is named after the short story The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley. So I used colors inspired by the sea to punch up their report design. Headlines are the orange of a starfish, intimate case studies are set on a sandy color, and infographics float in a soothing blue inspired by my diving trips.

When formatting, I used eye-catching images the break up long sections of text. And dense infographics were presented with plenty of appealing icons and easily understood graphs to put relevant information front and center. In the end, the report is a captivating pleasing document that communicates the triumphs and stark realities of a dedicated organization fighting to provide aid to the poor amid crisis.


ISF Cambodia has over 14-years experience providing life-changing support to disadvantages and marginalized children in Cambodia. They produce a yearly report that describes their triumphs and challenges. In 2020, I adapted their new identity guidelines to deliver a compelling and informative document.


  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Layout