Looking to boost awareness of Khéma La Poste’s Free-Flow Breakfast offer, Thalias Hospitality enlisted the services of FoodBuzz, a local food review site to craft a promotional video.  While working at there, I managed this project from inception to premiere.


  • Project Management
  • Storyboard
  • On-Set Advisement
  • Edit Supervision


Khéma Free-Flow Breakfast Review

Khéma Deli Restaurant is a chain of smart-casual French restaurants in Cambodia.  It combines the convenience of a takeaway deli counter stocked with sumptuous house-made charcuterie and imported cheeses, an array of daily baked pastries and a sit-down eatery all in one.

Each location invites it’s customers to feel welcome and connect with others.  And it’s ethos is bringing people together over quality food.  Starting with special breakfast offers in the morning, to high tea and lunch sets in the afternoon and unlimited cheese and cold but boards in the evening.  Khéma wants its customers to #FeelGreat.

Pre-Production & Planning

Monday through Sunday Khéma La Poste serves up a Free-Flow Breakfast deal to die for. From 6am to 11am, diners can enjoy unlimited servings of Cambodian and Western breakfast dishes, pastries and beverages. All for only $10.90++.  On weekends, the deal extends until 3pm in the afternoon. And that can make of a truly wonderful fin de semaine with friends indeed.

To raise awareness of this Phnom Penh institution, Thalias Hospitality decided that now was the time to create a promotional video.  After screening several hospitality video production houses in Cambodia’s capital, we decided on the local team at FoodBuzz.  They’re a rough-and-ready group that fit our DIY and still-thinking-like-a-startup mentality. Even with over 500 employees!

The first step of the project was providing them with a storyboard.  After careful research, discussions with Khéma La Poste’s dynamic General Manager and other stakeholders from Thalias Marketing and Communication department, I set about creating a storyboard. I wanted the video to feature the social aspects of a Khéma breakfast.  Featuring a sun-drenched morning in Phnom Penh spent with your bestie, leisurely enjoying some of the finest food in the city.  The script showcased the journey of two friends, following them from the street to Khéma’s doorstep, greeted by attentive staff into the restaurants simple elegance where they could enjoy abundance.


One particularly warm morning near Wat Phnom, I met the film crew.  After going over our shot list and I helped coordinate the dishes we wanted to feature with Khéma La Poste’s kitchen staff.  During filming I provided input on proper framing and lighting for the feel of the video.  Due to the professionalism of their camera men, lighting staff and models we were able to finish the shoot (photo and video) in under three hours.  This seamless collaboration extended to the editing process.  And subsequent to directing them through 4 revisions, we had final cut you see above.


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