The hotel website layouts are inspired by fashion and lifestyle magazine/catalog layouts such as Surface Magazine and Crate & Barrel.

Sambor Village Hotel Desktop Website

The group’s sites use minimal and clean UI elements to emphasize the simple elegance and natural surroundings of their boutique hotels. The reservation process is initiated using the lower left “RESERVE” button which activates a sliding bottom menu. In its initial state the user is prompted to select reservation dates and is shown any promotions Villa Langka is offering.

Villa Langka Hotel Desktop Website Design

Villa Langka, Sambor Village and Samsara Villa are boutique hotel hideaways around Cambodia. The hotels overlook the ancient spires of Wat Langka Pagoda, Angkor Wat and are nestled in secret gardens of Phnom Penh and offer contemporary rooms for the discerning traveler. In order to showcase their modern and contemporary aesthetic, I employed a creative use of opacity and varying text sizes to make for a graceful user experience.

Samsara Villa Hotel Mobile Site


These refined hotels, in a traditional Khmer villas with a modern annex, is are a few minutes walk from the closest bus stops, and Phnom Penh’s historic landmarks like  the ornate Silver Pagoda at the Royal Palace.


  • Website Design
  • Rebranding
  • UX/UI



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