Your logo is the singular design – in type, symbol form, or both – that communicates your brand name and positioning in the marketplace. The most successful logos grow out of a well-considered brand identity that takes into effect a number of factors. To be clear, your logo is not your brand. And it’s generally inadvisable to start a new business with a logo only. Starting out this way can mean that once a company’s voice is decided upon and research into the target market is conducted, the previously made logo doesn’t fit where your company is headed. Though in some cases, such as branded sub-projects under parent companies, only a logo is needed. If you need help with a full or partial identity package, fill out the form on my branding page.

The best logos are unique, simple, and strong representations of the companies they identify. More often than not, a logo is the initial impression of a company. Potential customers can come across it on signage, letterheads, packaging, ads, and any print communication from your brand. The impact of this visual mark on your communications makes selecting the right one important.

Rest assured that when working with me, I take into account the needs of your business. Before I begin work, I draft a complete creative brief to work from based on information gathered from my client. To make a logo that makes you stand out from the pack, it’s import to know who the pack is. I also do comprehensive research on your competitors to know the market in which you play and understand its visual norms to make sure the logo we create is both innovative and grounded. If you need help with logo design services, feel free to contact me.