Embassy Central Structure Event Invite Photo

Case Study: Urbanland “Structure” Award Event

Case Study: Urbanland “Structure” Award Event Urbanland is a new development company based in Cambodia with a bold view of the future of its capital, Phnom Penh. They are dedicated to designing and building high quality structures with a special emphasis on customer needs and creating a lasting contribution to the landscape and surrounding community. […]

Trust And Collaboration

Trust and Collaboration Design by committee has destroyed many a great project. You might be thinking, “But, Chris does that mean working with others is inherently dangerous?” Not as all! Effective collaboration is one of the bedrocks of delivering awesome work. Specifically, collaboration that is based on mutual respect for all party’s expertise. I enter […]

The 7 Best Songs For a Creative Rainy Season

I like to listen to music while I work, it helps keep the juices flowing and sets the mood. The sluggish onset of rainy season this year has filled me with a lot of shifting moods. You can tell by the music we’ve been listening to lately. Explore my 7 song supermix to discover music […]

The 6 Artistic Places You Have to Visit in Battambang

Inspiration can comes from anywhere. I’m a big proponent of getting away from the office from time to time and working in a new environment. It’s amazing what some fresh air, a expertly made cup off coffee, or well designed environment can do to give you fresh eyes on a project! I spent last weekend […]

Staying Creative When You’re Sick

Life can throw us curve balls sometimes. In a perfect world, we creators would always be capable of making awesome work with no physical limitation, but from time to time we all get sick or injured. Recently, I found myself laid up from a spill from my motorcycle with stitches above my eye and a […]