Getting Started With Content Marketing

In April of 2017, Management Insider was gearing up for their latest issue. It was a big issue focusing on a global event in Cambodia and the time to design was short. The management team was also looking for a new visual direction for the magazine. They contacted me to work on it as Art Director in charge of layout and setting a new look.

4 Reasons To Choose a One-Page Website

1. One-Page Websites are Easy-To-Use We live in fast-paced world of content bites and skimming copy.   The best way to reach a connected, diversified client base is by respecting their time and communicating your needs in an intuitive fashion.  And on the web, there's nothing more intuitive than a scroll. The act of scrolling [...]

Tips & Tricks: Installing a New Email Signature in Outlook

Tips & Tricks: Installing a New Email Signature in Outlook When delivering branding packages, clients seem to have the most difficulty with email signatures. Often this is due to the somewhat arcane process for adding signatures in Microsoft Outlook. To help them out, I always add a mini-guide for intalling them to their deliveries. I’ve […]