A brand's history review for a rebrand

The Art of The Rebrand

The Vice Design Co Rebranding Philosophy In the career of a designer, it will one day be necessary to update a client's visual branding.  With these projects, I always follow one rule "Leave it better than you found it."  It's a quote attributed to Robert Baden-Powell, a turn of the century military leader, author, painter and illustrator. [...]
Benefits of a one-page website design

4 Reasons To Choose a One-Page Website

1. One-Page Websites are Easy-To-Use We live in fast-paced world of content bites and skimming copy.   The best way to reach a connected, diversified client base is by respecting their time and communicating your needs in an intuitive fashion.  And on the web, there's nothing more intuitive than a scroll. The act of scrolling [...]

What Is Branding?

What Is Branding? Branding is often one of the most misunderstood aspects of a branding and identity design package. Which is unfortunate. A solid brand is one of the most important components of a company in communicating effectively with its consumers. The best brands are authentic, communicative, consistent, and conversational. Brands are not one piece […]

Are Business Cards Still Necessary?

Are Business Cards Still Necessary?

Are Business Cards Still Necessary? Every time I slip someone my email or LinkedIn, some part of me questions the need for business cards. Especially here, in Southeast Asia, where so much of business goes on over social media. Instead of over Slack chat or Skype, many internal teams here use Facebook for group communication. […]

Time tracking

The Importance of Time Tracking

The Importance of Time Tracking Keeping track of hours is one of the most important tasks in a project. Proper and diligent time tracking can tell you a lot about your business. From potential bottlenecks in your process that suck team members’ time to the real costs vs. profit of your gigs. When I started […]