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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Art Director at a boutique marketing and communications agency in Phnom Penh. Plays an essential role in the strategy, conception and design of beautiful ideas, products and services. Working with a wide range of clients to bring exceptional creative thought and craft output, developing and delivering projects from brief to end user. • Delivered a country-wide ad campaign for Infinity Insurance resulting in heightened visibility for the brand and an increase in new customer sign-ups • Implemented a cohesive bundle of branded documentation templates saving dozens of man hours per-project Clients: Mobimedia, Infinity Insurance, Kamworks, Ibis Rice, JLC Sourcing & Services, UrbanLand

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Urban Design Studio
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Production designer responsible for crafting the visual identity of a diverse array of clients. Directed multiple content production projects from start to finish.

Clients: Victoria Hotels & Resorts, Starling Farms, BMW, SNV, Britcham, Beneton, Forte Insurnace, Royal Group Cambodia, Top Peak Travel Borneo

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Retreat Resort
Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Design Manager for a rustic resort in Southern Cambodia. Responsible for interior and graphic design of the bar and living areas, reporting, and project tracking

• Delivered a fully furnished and functioning bar in one month and $2000 under budget.
• Saved $1000 by commissioning work from local furniture manufacturers, maintenance teams and builders to create a unique aesthetic for the resort while staying under budget
• Created advertising and marketing assets as well as the aesthetic for the bar and dorm area. Which included designing custom furniture and managing teams of laborers to prepare and paint the site
• Developed reporting for expense tracking, budgeting, time-tracking and project planning

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Los Angeles, California

Production Lead for a team of mobile designers focused on generating compelling mobile imagery. Directed an array of content production projects from conception to production. Created print and digital images for a variety of clients, including Tony Hawk, Inc., Sprint, AT&T and Classic Media.

• Assisted in responsibility for all content production and catalog publishing deadlines for the top mobile content publisher in North America.
• Managed all promotional initiatives and other high priority projects for content processing. Worked with Marketing staff to ensure merchandising requirements are met for all content for all client catalogs worldwide.
• Tracked content exclusivity terms and manage their availability to client as well as the status of specific client content deliveries and promotional content.
• Supervised the introduction of new tool sets and workflows into the Content Team.
• Assisted in training new hires.

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Bellevue, Washington

Member of IT Management staff with responsibility over content ingestion and merchandising operations for T-Mobile. Main point of contact for T-Mobile’s 3rd Party Content Providers and an integral liaison for many internal groups including Merchandising, Service Level Management, Handset R&D, Engineering and UX Design.

• Saved $10,000 by writing seven process documents which standardized the content processing work flow
• Helped retain a 10-million dollar client by maintaining customer SLAs and correcting a broken processing system
• Saved $38,400 annually by implementing an automated uploading process that lead to a 75% reduction in content ingestion cycle time


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Otis College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Los Angeles, California

Graduate of Fine Arts Program with a focus on Painting and Video Art.
• Participated in a collaborative, multi-school exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
• Video “The Lonliest Boy in The World was selected to screen at Los Angeles’ historic Egyptian Theater
• Video “The Lonliest Boy in The World was selected was selected as winner of the jury prize at the Otis Collegge of Art and Design Graduate show

Co-Founder Second Saturday: Central District Art Walk


Second Saturday: Central District Art Walk
Central District, Seattle, Washington

Founder and lead designer of Second Saturday, a recurring art event in Seattle’s Central District. Started in 2009, the fair showcased the artistic talent in Seattle’s historic Central District neighborhood.
• Raised $7,000 in donations for the event, both fiscal and in‐kind
• Hosted an average of 15 artists in 5 unique venues monthly over the life of the event series
• Increased online viewership by 5,000 by developing a semi‐automated social media plan


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Sangkat Tuol Tom Puong
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 017 795 466

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